Differences Among Drug Treatment Programs

Drug use in the world is becoming an epidemic. Most people start taking drugs as an interesting experience only to end up in addiction. Once addicted, these drugs become their sole motivation in all they do and they are unable to perform well when sober. Most addictions start at an early age. Teenagers find drugs ‘cool’ and most kids use drugs to be as ‘cool’ as their friends. Following the high rates of addiction, many alcohol withdrawal timeline treatment facilities have been set up to take care of those caught up in this addiction.

Program Differences

It should be noted that choosing to free yourself from drug addiction is not easy. This makes it vital to know all possible alternatives available so an informed decision can be made. Treatment programs are different as there are those that focus on physical addiction while others take a spiritual approach. Rehab centers also vary as there are those meant specifically for youth, different ages and specific gender. This makes it very important to do a thorough evaluation of a facility before sending your loved one.


The first thing to do is assess your financial means. It is important to check if your insurance will take care of the cost. If not or for people without insurance, check if you can finance the expenses. For people who cannot afford these facilities, it is advisable to check with your state concerning programs meant for those without financial means.

Center Differences

Ensure that the facility you are about to enroll in is comfortable with the individual. There are centers meant for specific genders and ages so be sure to choose the one that is right for your loved one. For instance, some women will do better in a program that is designed for women only. The important thing to remember here is that the more comfortable the patient feels in the center, the higher the chances of completing the program successfully.

Consider Philosophies

You should do extensive research on the philosophy of a program before making a decision. Philosophies of programs differ from one facility to another making it important to get one that is best for your patient. Ask about the guiding principles used by the treatment facility with its patients.

Philosophy Types

Some philosophies only work for certain patients. For example, a center that focuses on the use of yoga, homeopathy, art studies and massage may be inappropriate for people who prefer the traditional talk therapy. Even in the case of a group therapy, programs that use Narcotics Anonymous principles are different from those using the philosophy of SMART recovery therapy.

Patient Needs

It is important to check if the center addresses the needs of a patient. There are patients trying to withdraw from marijuana, others from methamphetamines or cocaine. All these are different addictions and the treatment program chosen should deal with issues of every patient in a unique way.


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