Drug Addiction Treatment Programs Include Many Disciplines

Drug addiction is indeed a complex disorder, characterized by intense, and often, unrestrained drug craving as well as compulsive drug seeking even in the face of shocking consequences. Very often, the treatment is as complicated as is the addiction. Drug addiction treatment can take on different forms. These include:

*organized outpatient treatment programs

* inpatient treatment programs

*self help groups


*legal services

*transportation services

*financial services

*vocational services

*mental health services

*educational services

*medical services

*follow-up care

All of these treatment protocols are geared towards helping the patient to minimize their drug use and eventually quit the habit. Depending on a personโ€™s level of addiction, different drug addictionย Marijuana Detoxย treatment methods may be adopted to help the patient withdraw from the habit while detoxifying from the drug.

The drug addiction treatment programs mentioned above, that are used to help a patient stay sober, are further delineated here:

Treatment programs: they include not only educational sessions but therapy sessions as well. These sessions have the primary aim of getting the addict to sober up california drug rehab and to try to prevent what is commonly known as relapse. This can be done in individual, family or group sessions. The programs are available for both in-patients as well as out-patients.

Counseling: Family or individual counselling with a psychiatrist, an addiction counsellor or a psychologist has proven effective in helping addicts resisting temptation to take drugs or revert to their old habits of drug taking. In addition, behavior therapies are helpful in adopting ways to cope with such effects as drug craving. They are also beneficial in developing strategies to not only avoid drugs but to also prevent relapse. Group counseling is sometimes advised. This has been known to help in developing better communication skills which are crucial in helping the patient to cope with this menace to society.

Self help groups: Most of these groups have been known to us the 12-step model in drug addiction treatment. They also include Narcotics Anonymous who has helped those patients suffering from a substance abuse problem such as cocaine, narcotics and sedatives. These groups incorporate some of the best ways to deal with the issue of abuse.

As you can see from the list above, there are many other services involved in a complete drug addiction treatment program. Some patients will require legal services, while others may require educational services and so on. With little exception, most patients will require vocational services to help them become productive members of society.

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