Exterior Components of a Property Inspection – Grading

Grading: Exterior grading is the most basic element of any given property. Soil conditions are rarely addressed in a basic inspection as laboratory analysis is typically required to provide any substantial information regarding its makeup.

Grading also plays a key role in proper drainage of a property. Water can be correctly diverted away from flashings and foundations via mechanical means such as gutters and counter flashings but if soil, concrete and other immobile elements are not properly aimed these measures do little to substantially maintain a property. A geotechnical engineer is the specialist who needs to be consulted regarding these issues in depth when needed.

A need for their services may arise at the planning stage of new construction or when soil and grading is significantly affecting the property in a negative way. Use of both of these services is highly advisable regardless of what type of property one may be investing in for a platitude of reasons. Soil testing can be a major factor in properties located near industrial areas, pollution can be a serious health hazard and should be fairly researched.

Geotechnical engineering is part of basic planning in areas like California where steep grades are common and minor settlement can dramatically affect a property. These practices are much more common with more expensive properties, but should be considered on down to even the residential level.

To add some perspective; a home inspector may geotechnical report nz simply superficially comment on drainage conditions, a commercial inspector may mention in passing surrounding properties that may be contaminating hazards such as chemical producing or using subjects, while an industrial developer may need to do massive planning and analysis of a sites soil and grading in the case of a factory where extreme weights will be routinely moved around a property or a farm where soil purity and conditions are of the utmost import.

Article written and submitted by Clinton Rushing an Illinois home inspector currently endeavoring in consultation, previous owner of #1 Good Home Inspection Inc. currently operating [http://www.1GoodHomeInspection.com] as a resource for real estate and home improvement information.

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