Finding the Right Ones – Gemstones

Gemstones embody life force like us, the earth is enlivened by life force. Accordingly, gemstones are identified by the same scientific methods as minerals. Gemstones radiate their life force with great power.

Gemstones are great at keeping their value, a necklace, earrings, brooches, lockets, even small charms are excellent ways to pass wealth from generation to generation–becoming estate jewelry then antique jewelry.

A range of scientific instruments has been devised especially for Aquamarin gemstones. Gemstones and gemstone beads add an unusual glance to all types of jewelry like silver jewelry as well as diamond jewelry etc.

Gemstone pendants can be worn with a neck wire, chain, or a complimentary matching necklace. The pendants are very eye catching and can accent any costume. It is always an adventure to handcraft pendants from gemstone cabochons or donuts to see the interaction of the silver or other metals with the colors of the stones. Matching earrings are available for any handmade gemstone pendant.

Why are some gemstones like ruby and emerald, red and green, yet diamond is colorless. As with many things in life, when it comes to gemstones, looks can be deceiving. When impurities are added to colorless gemstones, brilliant colors are frequently produced. Many gemstone distinctive colors come from the presence of transition metals as impurities in an otherwise transparent crystal lattice.

Examples of different gemstones, colors, and impurities, colorless gemstones corundum (right) and beryl, like diamonds, have properties characteristic of gemstones – brilliance, transparency, and strength. sapphires and other gemstones are universally valued, jewelry and art created from these gems are regarded as personal treasures.

When clearing gemstone necklaces it is best to use the dry sea salt method. Moonlight is another way of clearing your gemstones. Try hanging your gemstone necklace in a tree where the moonlight can cleanse it. It is not recommend to ever place your crystals and gemstones in the sunlight, many stones tend to fade their colors in the sun.

The most important factor in evaluating gemstones, those with the brightest, most vivid colors usually command the highest price. Heavier gems are more rare and expensive than smaller ones, in fact, there is no bulk discount in gemstones, for every $1.

Some people think this should make them more valuable, but the fact that they are not natural, combined with the lower cost of production, makes some lab-created gemstones far more affordable than natural stones. If you would like to learn more about gemstones, visit the American Gem Society.

There is a gemstone jewelry buying guide that presents some basic information to help you recognize and select quality stones that could become treasured family heirlooms, from simple bracelets to extravagant necklaces, from inexpensive children’s jewelry to couture designer jewelry. Male and female jewelry in all types, including one-of-a-kind jewelry and vintage jewelry–can be had at great prices from Overstock.

Just take care when searching that you find stores and dealers that specialize in quality gemstones. It is fairly easy to locate good stones these days with the local markets around you and of course the internet is a good place to look also.


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