Fresh Roasted Coffee Beans Make A Difference

Start with fresh roasted beans for the best cup of coffee. It sounds like simple advice, but most people claim they want the best cup of coffee, yet purchase their ground coffee from the local supermarket. Often the determining factor as to which brand is purchased is the packaging or the price. If you truly want the best cup of coffee, start with fresh roasted beans. Not any bean will do. For the best experience, brew your coffee with shade grown organic whole bean coffee.

It’s often difficult to find whole bean shade grown organic coffee in your local supermarket. You may have better luck finding it in a specialty retail store, but often you are over-paying because of the store’s overhead. Your best source for organic whole bean coffee is to buy it online. Better yet, buy your organic coffee beans from the farmer. Supporting small farmers who produce shade grown organic coffee is environmentally the right thing to do.

Brewing your coffee If you would like to have the richest most favorable cup of coffee, you don’t want to brew the natural oils out of the coffee. The best method for making coffee with fresh roasted coffee beans is to use a French press or plunger pot.

Make sure that you are using cool filtered water. Most of the tap water today is filled with chlorine and trace amounts of other industrial toxins. It doesn’t make sense to purchase organic beans only to spoil the coffee with bad tasting water.

Once you purchase fresh roasted beans make sure that they are stored in an air -tight container. Exposure to air will slowly cause the bean’s oils to dissipate and the coffee to become stale, or worse yet, start to take on the flavor of other odors present.

Grind your organic beans just prior to brewing your coffee. If you are using a plunger pot, use a medium grind. Simply follow the directions for using your pot and make a great cup of coffee.

Buying organic coffee beans If you are going to buy online, make sure that your supplier is sending you the freshest beans available. Choose a coffee supplier (a small farmer is best), that will roast your organic coffee beans the day you order and ship them immediately. Most suppliers will give you a better price on your whole bean organic coffee if you order a larger quantity. It costs money to roast and if a supplier can roast larger quantities they will generally pass the saving on to you.

Many small coffee farmers have other unique coffee subscriptions derived products that can be a nice complement to your coffee order. Keens Beans has some unique moisturizing soap made from organic coffee beans, goats milk and natural glycerin. Check out the website for other specialty items.

Whether you choose to purchase shade grown organic coffee online or find it in a specialty store, make sure you are purchasing fresh roasted coffee beans.

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