How Depression Destroys Marriage – 3 Ways to Save Your Marriage

When you are wondering how depression destroys marriage, you are already feeling the effects. What made your spouse (or yourself) become depressed? How can you tell if your spouse is depressed, or if they’re hiding something else? Here are 3 ways to deal with depression, and save your marriage.

Depression doesn’t necessarily have to be ‘brought on’ by anything. Sometimes there is no cause for it. There are different chemicals in the brain. If these chemicals stop working properly, they don’t send the right signals to the brain. This is what causes depression. Depression is also a result of ongoing stress. When you can’t deal with the stresses in your life, you ‘shut down’. You start to withdraw inside of yourself, not wanting to do anything or see anyone.

If you or your spouse are suffering from depression, here are some ways to get through this – together – and save your marriage.

First, remind yourself that depression is an illness. It is a medical condition. Your mind isn’t working the way it should, and you are suffering because of it. When you think of depression as an illness, like the flu, you will be better able to deal with it.

Second, don’t take your frustrations out on your How to Overcome Loneliness After a Breakup spouse. If you are depressed, your spouse doesn’t know what you are going through. They know something is wrong, but they don’t know what. If your spouse is depressed, they may not want to be ‘bothered’ by anyone or anything. They may start to just sit around, and won’t be interested in anything at all. It is not that they are lazy, it’s that they can’t get motivated to do anything.

Third, and most important: Depression is NOT your fault, nor is it your spouse’s. It does happen, especially under great financial stress or after a traumatic event. As we grow older, our bodies change. So do the chemicals in our body. Everyone is different, and everyone shows depression differently.

In order to keep your marriage together when you or your spouse is suffering from depression, you have to stay calm. Getting upset with your spouse will only make matters worse. Get your spouse to go to a doctor. Even a family doctor can give medication that will help the depression. After a few weeks, you or your spouse will start to return to ‘normal’.

The depression may last for a short time, or it may last for years. There is no way of knowing. Your marriage doesn’t have to suffer because of depression. Does it suffer when one of you has the flu

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