Luxury Real Estate Marketing Essentials – The Importance of Maintaining Visibility in Any Market

Luxury real estate marketing professionals have to maintain visibility no matter what the marketplace is doing. Staying visible online is very cost effective especially if you can delegate the busywork to assistants. Combining online and print within the same media company can be very effective for maintaining visibility. Here’s why visibility is so important.

When we owned our commercial real estate firm in Beverly Hills we learned the importance of maintaining visibility very early in our career. Getting our signs on buildings that we represented exclusively was paramount. When we first got started and had only three listings, people would say “I see your signs everywhere! The listings were on highly trafficked streets so it amplified the extent of our visibility. Obviously, it is important to stay visible in the right places.

The principle behind this phenomenon is known as spaced repetition. That is why an advertising campaign across various media can be so effective. To stay within budget, one of our costa rica luxury beach homes for sale real estate marketing clients selected a single print venue in which to maintain high visibility and diverted all other resources online. The key, again, was to maintain that visibility in print that she established over a considerable amount of time. By doing so she made the statement, “I am here for the long term, I am the expert that is staying in the game”.

With so many agents leaving the real estate arena, there is a tremendous opportunity for you to capture market share that others have abandoned. And, you can do this without having to out-spend your competition if your select the right place to be seen.

Here are three suggestions for gaining high visibility and reducing costs:

  1. We highly recommend Unique Homes magazine because they also offer an outstanding online venue that can help you gain multimedia visibility.
  2. If you are a member of The Institute for Luxury Homes Marketing, you can get special advertising opportunities in Unique Homes and also the Wall Street Journal.
  3. Join Proxio, the international MLS and global referral network where you can gain international visibility, overnight, for yourself and your listing, to referring agents in 65 countries. Your listings are translated in 11 languages on Proxio. You can get a free Proxio membership (a $79/year value) if you are an advertiser in Unique Homes or if you are a member of The Institute for Luxury Home Marketing.

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