Make Sure Your Sunglasses Help Keep You Safe in the Sun

Everyone knows the effects that can be caused by not taking adequate protection from the hot sun during the day. Wearing cool designer shades is a fantastic way to not only look great but also to ensure your eyes are protected from the serious UV rays we need to block out. Whether your looking for the perfect cool sunglasses for the beach or shades for your skiing trip, here is a brief guide to staying safe in the sun this year.

Most of us wouldn’t go out in the blazing sunshine without at least one application of sunscreen. However, many still risk damage to their eyes without the proper UV protection good quality sunglasses can provide. Buying a pair of polarized sunglasses for men with UV filtering will make sure you are protected and let you enjoy yourself in the sun.

By following the tips contained in this article when buying sunglasses you can make sure you are protecting yourself as much as possible.

The dangers of UV rays are there all year round and are not specific to just the spring or summer season. Therefore the number one tip is to always make sure you are wearing clubmaster sunglasses with at least 99% UV protection when you are in the sun no matter what month of the year it is. Skiers and snowboarders also need to make sure they are protected however odd this may sound. While the air is chilly, the harmful rays can reflect off the snow during winter and increase their intensity. There is no point in taking the risk of retina damage or increasing your chances for developing cataracts, which has been linked to extended UV radiation exposure.

If you want a good pair of sunglasses for wearing while driving, you may want to check out polarised lenses. These type of lens usually offer UV protection and will help to reduce the glare of the sun of those bright days while out in the car. Wrap around shades also offer additional protection while you are out and about.

Choose brown, green or gray lenses and the larger the lenses are, generally the more protection they will offer. It is always a good idea to buy your sunglasses (whether it be offline or online) from a licensed supplier of branded goods. Buying from unauthorised vendors or from street markets is very risky and there is no guarantee that the shades will offer the level of protection against UR rays required.

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