Safe Pallet Handling

Safe Pallet Handling in the Workplace

Implementing lifting solutions in the workplace to ensure pallet handling can be performed easily and safely can greatly increase productivity and efficiency. When workers are permitted to perform duties in the most comfortable and ergonomic position, fatigue can be prevented and accidents and injuries can be reduced.

Supplying your workforce with pallet handling equipment tailored to the needs to the business can help to motivate the staff, create a positive working environment while reducing downtime and the chance of litigation.

Improve Access and Ergonomics

Forklift trucks are ideal for lifting, lowering and distributing pallets but they have limitations. Installing pallet invertors is one practical solution when pallets need to be rotated for storage, repair or easy access. Installing pallet invertors reduces the need for manual handling and ensures pallets to be manipulated quickly, safely and ergonomically.

Pallet inverters save valuable time when pallets break and allow for quick and easy pallet transfer. Goods can be rapidly moved from high quality in-house plastic pallets to wooden pallets for distribution.

When choosing pallet invertors, be sure to look for the following features:


  • Loading ramps to allow pallet truck loading
  • Easy loading from forklift trucks
  • Functionality to cope with varied loads (boxes, pails, drums)
  • Adjustable clamping pressure for manipulating delicate goods


Pallet turn tables are a versatile and low cost solution if goods need to be rotated horizontally. Turn tables can allow workers to gain easy access to pallets, minimising the risk of muscle strain and falls while stretching.

Improve Efficiency with Tilters and Tilt Tables

Rotating heavy and awkward products from vertical buy pallets in Jacksonville to horizontal – or vice versa – places a great strain on workers. A tilt table can be invaluable to help reduce worker fatigue and allow goods to be manipulated rapidly and safely. Tilt tables allow goods to be manoeuvred in a fraction of the time to speed up distribution or facilitate easy storage.

Tilters have dramatically cut labour costs for many businesses in food production and storage due to the speed at which freezer separators can be removed. The job can be conducted in just 10% of the time it would take to unstack and restack boxes.

Improving Workplace Safety

Pallet gates are an important safety feature on mezzanine floors to prevent accidents, while ensuring that easy pallet access is maintained. A number of models are manufactured to suit most applications with bespoke solutions created to match customers exacting requirements.

Pallet dispensers perform a dual purpose; separating forklift access from pedestrian areas and distribute pallets without the need for manual handling. They are an important item of health and safety equipment and can reduce the risk of workers suffering back injuries from lifting pallets from a stack.

Installing simple safety features such as pallet dispensers can help to ensure accidents and injuries at work are prevented and the probability of litigation and employee’s making compensation claims can be reduced.

Pallet Handling Equipment from Optimum Handling Solutions

OHS manufactures a full range of ergonomic pallet handling equipment suitable for all industrial and commercial applications. Scissor lift tables and pallet handling equipment exceed the quality demanded by Australian Standards and allow pallets and other heavy loads to be lifted, tilted, rotated, stacked and repositioned with maximum ease and comfort.

OHS produces a wide range of lifting solutions for the safe manipulation of goods, with bespoke products manufactured to order according to the individual needs of the customer.


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