“The Complete TurtleTrader: How 23 Novice Investors Became Overnight Millionaires” by Michael W. Covel

“The Complete TurtleTrader: How 23 Novice Investors Became Overnight Millionaires” by Michael W. Covel is a captivating account that sheds light on the incredible success achieved by a group of novice investors known as the “Turtle Traders.” Published in 2007, this book unveils the remarkable story of how these individuals, under the guidance of legendary trader Richard Dennis, transformed themselves into extraordinary traders and amassed great wealth.

The Turtle Trading Experiment:

Covel begins by recounting the background of the Turtle Trading experiment conducted by Richard Dennis and William Eckhardt. The two renowned traders set out to prove that successful trading could be taught rather than being an innate talent. They selected a group of aspiring individuals, some with no prior trading experience, and taught them a set of specific trading rules and strategies.

The Trading Rules and Philosophy:

“The Complete TurtleTrader” explores the trading rules and philosophy imparted to the Turtle Traders. Covel delves into their trend-following approach, risk management techniques, position sizing, and the importance of discipline in adhering to the rules. He emphasizes how the Turtle Traders’ ability to follow a systematic approach, remove emotional biases, and manage risk contributed to their extraordinary success.

Lessons in Risk Management and Position Sizing:

The book highlights the significance of risk management and position sizing in the Turtle Trading strategy. Covel explains how the Turtle Traders employed techniques such as using stop-loss orders, trailing stops, and diversification to protect their capital and limit potential losses. This emphasis on risk management allowed them to preserve their trading accounts during unfavorable market conditions and capitalize on profitable opportunities.

The Role of Psychology and Discipline:

Covel explores the psychological aspects that influenced the Turtle Traders’ success. He discusses the importance of discipline, patience, and mental resilience in following the trading rules and sticking to their strategies. The book illustrates how the Turtle Traders were able to overcome emotional challenges and maintain a focused mindset in the face of market fluctuations and uncertainties.

The Impact of the Turtle Trading Legacy:

“The Complete TurtleTrader” examines the lasting impact of the Turtle Trading experiment on the trading world. Covel reveals how the success of the Turtle Traders challenged conventional wisdom and popularized trend-following strategies. He also addresses criticisms and controversies surrounding the Turtle Trading program, providing readers with a comprehensive understanding of the experiment’s significance and its ongoing influence.

Lessons for Aspiring Traders:

The book offers valuable lessons for aspiring traders looking to emulate the Turtle Trading success. Covel emphasizes the importance of discipline, risk management, and following a systematic approach. He encourages traders to develop their own trading systems, test them rigorously, and have the patience and resilience to stick with their strategies during challenging periods.


“The Complete TurtleTrader: How 23 Novice Investors Became Overnight Millionaires” by Michael W. Covel provides an intriguing account of the extraordinary journey of novice investors who became highly successful traders. Through the story of the Turtle Traders, Covel highlights the power of disciplined trading, risk management, and adherence to a systematic approach. Aspiring traders can gain valuable insights and lessons from the Turtle Trading experiment, understanding the significance of developing a solid trading methodology and the psychological aspects that contribute to long-term success. “The Complete TurtleTrader” is a captivating read that continues to inspire and motivate traders seeking to achieve their own financial goals.



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