Waterless Carwash Method – Surprising Benefits

Waterless carwash? Why not?

Basically, a waterless wash is done by having cleaning solutions put on your car and then wiped away. Most of the time microfiber towels are used for the polishing process to prevent scratches.

Washing your car with this method does not take any longer than the traditional car wash method once you get used to it.


Save Money. If you wash your car about once a week, it will cost you on average five to seven dollars per wash. This amounts to over two or three hundred dollars per year. You also still have to pay for car wash soap and towels, running you at least thirty dollars per year.

Cut back on water usage. Washing a car takes a lot Car service of water. It is like taking multiple showers. You use over one hundred gallons every time you decide your car needs a wash. You save some water by taking it to an automated car wash.

The amount of water saved by the waterless car wash is significant. The only liquid used is the solution sprayed on your car, which is just fractions of the amount of both previously mentioned methods.

Not Enough Reasons?

Surely, the benefits mentioned are great enough for you to see the benefits of a waterless car wash.

However, aside from saving the money you would spend on the wash itself, lets think about the car. A waterless carwash will prevent your car from being scratched by the dirt and dust already on your car. Some careless blasts from the water hose can push these on your car, causing further damage.

Using the waterless carwash method, you get more than just a clean. The ingredients used within also wax and polish your car in one step.

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